Monday, August 20, 2007

Kevin Rudd has some new friends

Australian Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd may be embarrassed over his escapade at the Scores strip club in NYC while on a taxpayer financed visit to the United Nations, but some folks are sticking by him including the girls at Melbourne's Goldfingers Men's Club:
The girls of Goldfingers would like to see more of fun loving Kevin '03 rather than the stale and stuffy "Kevin '07" and thus invite him to attend Goldfingers when he visits Melbourne on the campaign trail.

We believe that in his position, Mr. Rudd should be setting an example by supporting "Australian Made" performers rather than spending tax payer's money on US goods!!!!

(Our management will be reminding him on arrival that we have a strict no touching policy in order to avoid a repeat of the Scores fiasco!)
Better yet, whoever is running ole Kev's MySpace operation accepted the "friend" request - "Kevin Rudd accepts Goldfingers friendship during this trying time." C'mon Kev, give the local product a try!


Every MySpace friend request must be approved by Rudd's office, but nobody picked the link.

"It's hilarious," Amber Bartlett, from Goldfingers, said.

"I sent the request as a bit of a joke at 1am . . . and by 9.30am he
was our friend.

"It's a bit surprising.

"It's like he had no hesitation."