Friday, August 31, 2007

Can't beat that lawyer kung fu!

It seems the Chinese Shaolin monks are really upset so they appealed to a martial arts master:

Monks at China's Shaolin Temple are vociferously demanding an apology from an anonymous Japanese internet user who suggested that a single ninja had once whupped the asses of the kung fu masters at the martial art's spiritual home.

Specifically, "Five Minutes Every Day" last week posted a comment in an online forum claiming that "a Japanese ninja came to Shaolin, asked for a fight and many monks failed to beat him". He added: "The facts that the monks could not defeat a Japanese ninja showed that they were named as kung fu masters in vain."

Well, this didn't go down too well at all. According to Reuters, the Shaolin monks rapidly engaged a lawyer, who issued a notice declaring: "The so-called defeat is purely fabricated, and we demand the internet user to apologise to the whole nation for the wrongs he or she did."

Some things you just can't make up. Say, did I ever tell y'all about the time a Southern country boy went to China and kicked the gown wearing derrieres of the phonies at the Shaolin temple?