Friday, September 08, 2006

There's just no fun in "global warming"

Usually, I'm in complete agreement with Australian PM, John Howard, but I think he missed out on a great opportunity here. Girlie global warming show too hot for Australia:
The Australian government has withdrawn funding for a climate change conference after organisers booked lingerie models for a raunchy dinner show.

Conservative Prime Minister John Howard on Friday described the risque entertainment as "not appropriate" and two government departments withdrew funding totalling A$8,000 (US$6,000) from the event late Thursday.

Local media reported that a number of female scientists walked out of Wednesday night's dinner at the Australia-New Zealand Climate Forum in protest.

"I am appalled at what happened and the inappropriateness of the entertainment," Environment Minister Ian Campbell said.

The show consisted of lingerie-clad women inviting hot-under-the-collar guests to pop balloons attached to their costumes as they made suggestive remarks.
Woo hoo! How about, "Is that Al Gore in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" Or, "Just call me Gaia, the earth mother. Wanna get earthy?"
Dancer Rebecca Gale said the balloon dance was harmless "bump, grind and shimmy" that did not include any nudity.

"There was not even midriff on display," she told Australian television. "It's just been blown so far out of proportion."
That didn't keep AFP from illustrating it with a bare midriff file photo though, which you'll see by clicking the link.

(Hat tip: Global Warming News Site where global warming humor is regularly displayed unintentionally.)