Monday, March 27, 2006

That's what I call a target rich environment

Illegal Aliens: Just Mobbing the Streets - Americans Won't Mob:
To the astonishment and delight of the news media, Saturday saw an unprecedented protest by an estimated 500,000 illegal aliens and their advocates in Los Angeles. Smaller rallies were held in cities across the country, opposing efforts to secure the border and finally crack down on illegal entry into America by millions of unscreened foreigners. Apparently, the protests prove what a “divisive” issue illegal immigration is. To me, they simply prove that criminals dislike the prospect of increased law enforcement.
And that the criminals don't want to be separated from the government teat and begrudge the taxpayers their consternation at all the sucking.
But that’s not all the protests prove. They also prove how ridiculously out of control our federal government has let the problem get. Which is worse -- that a half million immigration criminals and their descendants and sympathizers can be found in a single American city, or that the current immigration enforcement system is such a joke that the half million have nothing to fear from openly entering the public streets and arguing against legislation currently before Congress?

It’s as if thieves thought they could form a union to lobby for fewer cops.
Time to do a little street sweeping and truck the collection bin to the border.

The part I liked best was all the news stories quoting illegal aliens whining that it was really unfair that they might have to return to their native dung wallows when they were all having such a swell time in the USA. Don't go away mad, folks! Just go away. You can do plenty of marching back home.