Thursday, January 12, 2006

Have Canada's Liberals been hanging with the US Democrat party?

Edmonton Sun: Stick a fork in 'em:
Hey, did you know that there are soldiers in Canadian cities? Soldiers. With guns. In our cities. In Canada. You did? Then you're one up on the Liberal Party of Canada, which apparently had one of the biggest brain cramps in political history when it came up with the now utterly vilified and also roundly mocked attack ad on Stephen Harper this week.

The voiceover on the ad says this: "Stephen Harper actually announced he wants to increase military presence in our cities. Canadian cities. Soldiers with guns. In our cities. In Canada. We did not make this up. Choose your Canada."

With the militaristic drumbeat in the background, the viewer is left with the impression that Harper's first act as prime minister would be to declare martial law. In fact, all Harper has said is that as part of strengthening the military in Canada, he'd like to have more soldiers stationed in cities to aid in emergencies and natural disasters.

So the ad is not only completely disingenuous and misleading (which is hardly unusual for the Liberals) but in the end, all it's doing is insulting our proud men and women of the military who are admired and respected by ordinary Canadians, not feared.

Indeed, it's obvious that the death-spiralling Liberals are so out of touch with real Canada that no one in the party bothered to point out before the ad was initially released that there are already plenty of soldiers in Canadian cities - cities like Edmonton, which has its own military base. Those soldiers are valued members of our community, and rightly so.
Time for them to announce that "they support the troops." Damination! rounds up some of the japery and by gosh, Liberal PM Paul Martin's story is:
At a press conference later in the morning, he assured reporters that the reason a similar ad was still running in Quebec was to show support for the armed forces.
Maybe they can invite Howard Dean up to help them explain it.