Friday, December 30, 2005

Steve Jobs Movie Poster Fun!

Mike Davidson:
iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

Ok, so it’s the day after Christmas and you didn’t get that iPod you wanted. Now’s your opportunity to take matters into your own hands and win one.

The theme of the final Mike Industries iPod Creativity Competition of 2005 is to design a movie poster featuring Steve Jobs. Like all competitions before it, the rules here are loose. Just feature the man we all know and love in a cinematic role, keep your image exactly 418 pixels wide, and insert your entry inline in the comments of this post. Please also give photo credit when appropriate.

There’s a decent chance The Steve will actually see this blog entry so please keep it clean and respectful. Anything overtly offensive will be removed.
Click through for the entries so far, but don't worry about that wimpy last part because it looks like mildly offensive is fine.