Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Today's Hoot!

NYC Letter: Open Letter To His Royal Heinie, Prince Charles:
Your Gracious Royal Heinie,

There's great excitement here about your upcoming American lecture tour. How very nice to spare America a little time for a royal wigging. We are all very excited. Several American people have told me they are planning to have their hair cut. Some are considering the wearing of shoes and others the purchase of a belt. Myself, I intend to iron a clean shirt and over-starch the collar. Did I mention we are all very excited?
[yadda, yadda - ed.]
So, your royal exalted heinie, my guess is that what you call non-Muslims' "unthinkable prejudices" about Islam and its customs and laws, well, these are simply the cautions of kaffir who have decided to preserve their persons in the present instead of boning up on the Shahada for a bright future in some 14th century caliphate. Alas, once one has been blown to smithereens or has had one's throat cut and head removed or been otherwise thoroughly murdered, well, such difficulties make it hard to appreciate the nice distinctions you counsel.

Perhaps when everyone is agreed that murderous Islamites should be put down rather than chatted up, well, those distinctions will be easier to make.

Regards, your American buddy,

I would guess that the royal prat doesn't pay much attention to the news.