Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And speaking of old media whores!

Dueling diesels:
Maybe she just can't let Cindy Sheehan drive off with her thunder. Jane Fonda has announced the dates of her new anti-Iraq war bus tour, which was only a nascent rumor in recent weeks.

Miss Fonda plans to tool around the nation aboard a "biodiesel" bus in the company of British politician George Galloway, who was expelled from the Labor Party for pacifist rhetoric, WorldNetDaily.com reported yesterday.

The Brit is quite giddy, calling the upcoming jaunt "fantastic." And of course he's also plugging his new book, "Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington" -- because he is.

The Fonda tour kicks off in Boston Sept. 13 and ends in a rally in Washington on Sept. 24, and include stops in Chicago and Madison, Wis.

Mrs. Sheehan, meanwhile, will leave her Crawford, Texas, anti-war vigil on Sept. 1 and begin her own cross-country bus trip -- which will also wind up in the District on Sept. 24.
Sept. 24 promises to be a harmonic convergence of bozos in DC.

(Hat tip: Sacred Cow Burgers)