Monday, June 06, 2005

Drat those pesky little people!

In the land down under, Professor Bunyip spots a beauty:
The Parkville Asylum's Judith Armstrong works herself into a state of incoherent fury at those selfish French and Dutch voters who scuttled, at least for now, the EU Constitution.
...a clear majority of the supposedly civilised French and Dutch populations have put fear and self-protection ahead of global balance. If, as the adage goes, education is wasted on the young, it is tempting to wonder whether democracy is not wasted on voters.
Fancy that! They thought of their own interests, voted accordingly -- and now Armstrong wonders if democracy might not be "wasted" on those wretched little people, the ones just too dim to see matters as she does.
Those crude unsophisticated Aussies! In the USA the leftoids just unleash the lawyers and get a pet judge to declare that what the citizens want is unconstitutional or not in accordance with "international law."