Sunday, May 30, 2004

It's another of those pesky nuanced types!

If you're nostalgic for the high pitched whines from the Swedish Crapsack, you're in luck! Blix's Endorsement: Another foreign leader for Kerry:
Then on Tuesday a friend sent us the following excerpt from an interview published Monday in the Italian newspaper La Stampa:
Q: "Are you tracking the U.S. Presidential campaign?"

Mr. Blix: "I place my trust in the multilateralism of Democratic candidate John Kerry. And in any event, I think that the whole world should vote on 2 November because so much depends on the outcome of that vote."
Hans has about as firm a grasp of voting laws as he did on Saddam's weapons programs. In recent memory, has there been anyone working in a prominent position at the United Nations who had any clue whatsoever? Silly me, clue lack is likely a job requirement.