Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Overweight "Activists" Alert!

Tasty Manatees has the details on the busloads of shrieking leftists that descended on Karl Rove's house over the weekend to complain that illegal immigrants weren't being giving sufficient access to the public trough. Despite the first impression that it was a cattle stampede, the leaders of the "National People's Action" were merely living down to their heritage:
One of the greatest tributes to Gale Cincotta after her death was being compared to a linebacker. With her size and demeanor, Cincotta ran over, trampled and tackled anyone in her way.

As founder and chairperson of National People's Action for the past three decades, Cincotta is a lasting symbol of community power.
And she was charming to boot, I'm sure. The best part, of course, is that these paladins of pork are all public employees - "educators" no less - and dragged some of the tykes along for the "Cows Gone Wild" hijinks. Of course, they double dip too, since the benighted taxpayers are funding the "community action" organizations that they come from.

The visit to Rove's house seems to have been one of several field trips for their annual hootenanny in Washington, DC and invading homes and offices there seems to be their regular entertainment. Sounds like the right venue for it. Around here, swarming someone's house and pounding on the walls and windows will is liable to get you an introduction to Mr. Buckshot and his pal, Rex the Rottweiler.

UPDATE: Terpsboy has more.