Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Lurch's past returns to haunt him

(Via Instapundit who asks where's the online audio?) Hugh Hewitt (2/17, 5:35 PM) dug up an audio tape of John Kerry's infamous testimony to Congress:
I played John Kerry's 1971 testimony on the radio program, and the response was intense. The first two hours brought scores of calls and e-mails which denounced Kerry for his slander of the military that served in Vietnam and for his understanding of the war. Kerry has thus far successfully dodged a discussion of the specifics of his testimony, and it was very hard to find the audio --it took my producer Duane considerable digging to find the tape.

The impact of actually hearing Kerry slander the military--his accent is unbelievable, and his tone of arrogance and condescension repulsive-- is powerful, and I do not believe he can serve successfully as Commander-in-Chief given the reactions I heard from veterans and currently serving military. We are in the middle of a war, and the Democrats are in the process of nominating a man hated by a large portion of the uniformed service for his actions of thirty years ago.
Kewl! Pond scum in action. I'm waiting to catch the reruns in campaign commercials everywhere. Much more by following the link.

And speaking of Hugh, the evangelical outpost has a laugh at the expense of the not-quite-dead-yet Salon:
Salon claims that “right wing pundit and blogger” Hugh Hewitt is painting a false picture of John Kerry:
Hewitt now hopes to slap the same lefty card on Kerry -- never mind Kerry's Senate voting record, widely considered centrist, or the fact that Dean himself has grilled Kerry for being far to the right of his own campaign platform.
As Hugh noted on his own blog, American’s for Democratic Action (a group that claims to be “the premier liberal lobbying organization") measures the voting records ... of all members of Congress.
A perfect score on the “Liberal Quotient” would be a score of 100. Kerry has a lifetime average of 92. If Kerry is a “centrist” then that must make Ted Kennedy (85) “center-right” and Joe Lieberman (75) a rabid right-winger.
His centrism is like his loyalty. Nonexistent.