Sunday, October 12, 2003

Another one that goes right past me

From the Telegraph - Yes, I was shocked by Kill Bill, admits censor - but only by Uma's feet:
It's full of blood and violence but something rather more innocent has upset the national film censor in Quentin Tarantino's latest epic: the sight of Uma Thurman's feet.

Untroubled by the incessant killing and the 150 gallons of spurting blood depicted in Kill Bill, Sir Quentin Thomas, the president of the British Board of Film Classification, passed the film uncut for nationwide release this weekend.

In an interview with The Telegraph, however, he confessed to being appalled by the condition of the leading lady's feet. "There was quite a lengthy shot of them and they did not look very nice," said Sir Quentin, in remarks that will no doubt bemuse the legions of male admirers of Thurman, one of Hollywood's most glamorous female stars.
There's something the matter with her feet? Who knew?

The only elucidation provided is:
In one of the opening scenes of Kill Bill, Thurman's character, The Bride, who is in a coma, is seen trying to will her toes to move so that she can walk again. The lingering shot of her toes has been seized upon by some critics as evidence of the director's foot fetish.
That's it? Sheesh, don't tell him about this!