Friday, February 28, 2003

What he said!
The Dixie Flatline says Blah:
This has been a difficult day for me. To wake up and see Hans Blix, grinning like a moron, happy stupor induced by Hussein's promise to began thinking about the possibility that he might consider the process by which an unspecified number of Al Samoud missiles may be destroyed, once Iraq, with the UN's help, figures out how to break something as robust as a theater ballistic missile.

Although, given Iraqi quality control, we probably don’t have to worry about the Al Sammys. The only reason the Patriot was considered such a success was that Hussein’s jerry-rigged Scuds fell apart once they began their dives. A country that can’t paint a decent picture of their dictator probably doesn’t have rocket science down cold.
I don't really know what to make of Hans. Is he simply an idealist, so committed to a peaceful resolution that he cannot help but be blinded to the nature of Iraqi "promises"? This is the charitable view, and most likely the correct one. The alternative is that he's feeble-minded, a man-child so stupid can sit down with the Iraqis and not realize they're playing him for a fool, half-Chamberlain, half-Carter, all jackass.
I'm voting for the jackass.
Needless to say, we destroyed the Super Gun in Gulf War I. Hard not to, really, with a target like that. I wonder how much Hussein spent on that thing, how hard his engineers worked to assemble it? They could have been building bridges, or hospitals, or schools. Countless alternatives. But instead, Hussein thinks: I want to spend several million dollars on a giant gun. A really big-ass gun, the kind of gun Stalin would have spent money on, if he was a total moron.

And so he builds the Gun, and we blow it up. I wonder if Hussein, in his idle moments, thinks about the Gun with a sense of poignant regret. Perhaps the Al Samouds are just his way of reclaiming the glory of those halcyon days when he had the world's biggest gun. Or maybe he's just an asshole.
I'm voting for the asshole. A vicious, poor impulse control kind of asshole.

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