Monday, July 15, 2002

You Can't Tell the Players Without a Scorecard
The San Francisco Chronicle reveals the "Ex-election chief's intensely personal reason for job fight".
It's been played out in the press as a battle over race and power, but Tammy Haygood's fight to be reinstated as San Francisco's elections chief is also about something much more personal -- regaining city health coverage for Haygood's husband, who happened to be in the midst of having a sex change when Haygood was fired.

More specifically, the issue is getting Haygood's husband access to some of the landmark sex change benefits that the Board of Supervisors approved for city workers last year.
For those worried about the potential for marital discord in the Haygood family, apparently the "husband" was female and wants to be male.

Offered without comment - it was too hot at the Country Store today to puzzle over the ins and outs of this. The thought of ballot boxes bobbing in the Bay was refreshing however.