Friday, October 16, 2009

Another big Democrat Wall Street donor gets busted

Shades of Bernie Madoff! This time the big bucks Wall Street Democrat donor was Raj Rajaratnam seen here doing the perp walk after being busted today over a bit of insider trading:

Raj Rajaratnam doing the perp walk

And who were Rajaratnam's favorite politicians?

Rajaratnam and his wife were also major contributors to a number of Democratic campaigns, giving a total of $118,000 to, among others, the Senate campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer and the presidential campaigns of Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama.

"He was big with Hillary and then jumped over to Obama after Hillary lost," said one Democratic party figure involved in fundraising.


Rajaratnam is also a major trustee of the American India Foundation, which is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. President Clinton is the Foundation's honorary chair, and has publicly thanked Rajaratnam and his wife for their multi-million dollar support.

There's more about ole Raj's support for Tamil terrorists by following the link and Hillary's whitewashing of it.

"You shouldn't lump all terrorists together," Sen. Clinton said in 2007.

Look what money will buy when you go shopping at the Democrat store.

As for Obama, as I read Rajaratnam's contributions, most went to Barack: Obama ($30,800) followed by the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee ($26,700), and then Hillary and a bunch of the worst Donk Senators you can think of including Chuckie Schumer, Maria Cantwell, and Robert Menendez. Do you think they'll be returning their ill-gotten gains anytime soon and shutting down the usual Donk piety about those evil wealthy Republicans? I'm not holding my breath.