Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today's Hoot: Barack Obama's spirtual shepherd and mentor

Let's tune in as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Barack Obama's Trinity United Church of Christ and Obama's spiritual guide, pal, and mentor 'splains why Barack Obama is the one:

I liked the "Jesus was a black man and the Romans were rich white men" part myself although the bit about Barack being poor and underprivileged is quite a hoot too, in view of Obama's white middle class grandparents who sent him to the best schools, Barack's mansion with its 1000 bottle wine cellar and Michelle Obama's diamond jewelry collection. Hmm, I wonder if the Rev has spotted any flying saucers like his pal Louis Farrakahn. Anyhow, the best line award goes to Ace:
Barack Obama: "I don't think my church is particularly controversial."

Of course you don't darling. You don't think taking high tea with terrorists is controversial either.


However, this a just a mild version of the Rev. Wright, presumably because he was doing his big endorsement of Barack despite the tax code prohibitions on churches being involved in political campaigns. If you want to get the full flavor of the Rev. Wright check out the following prime rant including the startling disclosures that the USA created the AIDS virus and that the USA is persecuting the Palestinians on behalf of the evil Jooos. See if you don't think he needs a check up from the neck up:

Hey Hussein, explain again why you think the Rev. Wright is so swell.