Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The joke is on Eliot Spitzer

Some selections of Eliot Spitzer humor from the commenters at the NY Observer's "A Long Night for the Times Metro Desk":

His next statement should be, "Define prostitution. What is it really? And is this that?" It worked for his friend Bill Clinton.

Looks like Hillary has found her running mate!!!

Seven thousand dollars for sex. I've never spent that much for anything that didn't have four wheels and a transmission. Can you picture the Guv. having to put his pants back on, remove the ball gag and find a cash machine because he was short fifteen hundred, talk about breaking the mood.

Well, I guess that rather than calling him Eliot Ness, from now on he should be known as Eliot P Ness!

At least your Governor is straight, unlike NJ.

What do you mean a "LONG NIGHT", how long does it take to write, "IT'S GEORGE BUSH'S FAULT". If a mouse breaks wind in Borneo, old george caused it, at least according to the NYTimes!!!!!!!!!

Drunk Man's Guide made a drink in honor of Eliot Spitzer! Check it out - it's hilarious. .. Client #9 Shooter

buenos dias senor! does this mean we no geta driber liesense? quiero drive una coche. why u fuka mi chanses of getting a driber license in su state senor? me so sad now. i wanta to driba car.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving individual. I liked the way he dragged his kids to today's press conference and gave 'em a big kiss afterwards. Pondscum.