Friday, January 18, 2008

Will Hillary Clinton release her medical records?

Hillary Clinton notices a sexually transmitted disease (STD) she caught from Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton was always famous for for his unusual refusal to release his medical records either while running for President or as President. Speculation as to the reason abounds and while there are suggestions that he was trying to cover up cocaine or alcohol abuse (he got that big red nose somewhere), the general belief is that he didn't want to reveal a succession of infections from sexually transmitted diseases (STD). You know, fun stuff like "the clap", "the drip", and "the itch", or more politely: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis, HIV, and even crab lice.

While that's not surprising considering all the women (willing and unwilling) Bill Clinton has had sexual contact with over the years, it raises an interesting dilemma for Hillary Clinton: should she release her medical records or not? If she caught an STD from Bubba, then obviously she can't release them for the same reason that he couldn't. However, if her records are clean (or she even made up some clean records) then releasing them would highlight Bubba's refusal to do so and lead to all sorts of snickering about whether they actually ever spent the night together.

Suggestion to Barack Obama: release your medical records and encourage all candidates to do the same. I can't wait.