Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton, the empty pantsuit

Hillary Clinton and her flying monkeys like to brag about her "experience" in hope that no one will inquire too closely as to what it actually consists of. Investor's Business Daily reminds us:
If Hillary Clinton is proud of her experience and record of change, why are 2 million pages of her White House files locked up? Watching your husband is not experience.
Actually watching Bubba is quite an experience although unrelated to government, but I digress.
The last time Sen. Clinton was a genuine agent of change was when she led the secretive Health Care Task Force in 1993-94 that labored mightily to propose a Godzilla-size bureaucracy that would have nationalized one-seventh of the nation's economy. To receive medical care you would have gone to the equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
After the health care debacle, Hillary slipped, or was pushed, below the radar. We don't know much about her "experience" as "co-president," largely because reams of calendars, memos and other records remain under seal until after this year's election.

We do know she has spent much of the past 35 years watching her husband. She watched him be attorney general of Arkansas, then governor, then president of the United States. She was in charge of putting down "bimbo eruptions" during her husband's 1992 presidential campaign. But again, that counts as watching her husband.
Those nasty bimbos were every bit as tough as Al Quaeda, I'm sure. Of course, the Clintons didn't do too well there either.
She would lead the war on terror, but her experience in that area lies in watching Bill fail to pull the trigger when he repeatedly had Osama bin Laden in his sights. On their watch, the U.S. did virtually nothing — except shamelessly withdraw from Somalia — while terrorists killed Americans on three continents.

Hillary did urge her husband to appoint Janet Reno as the first female attorney general, a move he'd later describe as "my worst mistake." While the Clinton Justice Department treated the first attack on the World Trade Center as a law enforcement matter, Reno kept busy incinerating religious zealots in Waco.
Unfortunately, they were homegrown fruitcakes and not the religious zealots actually killing Americans and terrorizing the Middle East.
Hillary has been in the Senate for seven years, during which time she has accomplished nothing of note except for voting for the Iraq War before she was against it. No major piece of legislation bears her name.

Her public record and career is even spottier and shorter than that of her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama. ... She's made a lot of speeches, but has governed nowhere at any level and has led no major organizations.
Less experience than Barack Obama - that's hard to to do!