Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Today's Hoot!

Iowahawk reveals the latest Republican fundraising telemarketer call script. Here's the part where the callee expresses concern about the illegal alien amnesty bill:
6a. I understand that many in the Republican base are concerned with immigration. If you are concerned about border security, rest assured that the Adminstration's new comprehensive immigration bill provides over $225,000 to construct nearly 1,500 feet of impenetrable fence along the New Mexico-Oklahoma state line. If you are a small business owner employing hard-working immigrants in jobs Americans won't do, you may be concerned that the bill's 'path to citizenship' provision means your employees also won't do your jobs after becoming Americans. Don't worry! The comprehensive immigration bill also provides $800,000 for gates on the Oklahoma fence to insure a constant supply of immigrants to do the jobs that Americans, and formerly hard-working Z-visa Americans, won't do. And, by contributing today, we will send a framed certificate designating you as a non-racist!
If that doesn't do it, there's a fallback option:
9. If I actually did f*ck myself, would that help you reconsider giving a donation?
Not bloody likely. If you haven't already, now is the time to let your senators know that if they vote for this "open the borders and surrender the country bill" that they shouldn't even bother coming home.