Saturday, July 08, 2006

Give peace a chance or we'll assault your girl friend and hurt you and your kid

For really unhinged behavior no one beats the leftoids. You may be one of Saddam's "human shields" but that doesn't keep you from a little battery on a guy whose girl friend you assaulted. Then if you're feeling really frisky. you can send death threats to writers for The New Republic for noticing that every wingnut's pal, Markos Moulitsas, is a cheap whore. Of course, if you really want to prove your mettle, you can threaten a conservative blogger's toddler. Hmm, maybe there's an exemption from civilized behavior for psychology professors at the University of Arizona that no one told me about! Right now, Jeff Goldstein's blog is being subjected to a Denial of Service attack by supporters of the professor who apparently think threats of sexual abuse and worse to a two year old are somehow OK. Can you say "pondscum," kids? I knew you could.