Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Saddam's buttboy, George Galloway, officially jumps the shark

Galloway at the centre of TV row:
LONDON - Maverick MP George Galloway, who famously attacked the U.S.-led war in Iraq during a feisty performance in the Senate, is at the centre of a new row.

The flamboyant politician is currently taking part in the reality television show "Celebrity Big Brother," for which he is locked in a camera-filled house with, among others, a glamour model, former basketball player Dennis Rodman, and a singer called Maggot.
It must be confusing having two people in the house with the same name.
And some of his London constituents are not happy.

One in particular has set up his own Web site, called "Why Isn't He At Work?" (http://beta.cergis.com/george), which he says has received over 25,000 hits since it was set up on Friday.

"I just felt he was supposed to be representing us in the House of Commons and not in the Big Brother house," the site designer, Paul Skinner, 40, told Reuters.

"He's obviously publicising himself, not his constituents and their issues."
Georgie is always publicizing himself, except when he's doing oil deals with Third World thugs. Then he's real quiet.