Monday, January 02, 2006

More bad news and good news

The Soviets Had the KGB -- Al Qaeda Has the NYT:
America spends $40 billion per year on intelligence operations aimed at discovering our enemies’ secret activities. All our enemies have to do is subscribe to the New York Times and, for as little as $4.65 per week, they can discover most of our secret operations -- at least as long as a Republican is President.
But the good nes is that the information isn't always so accurate:
Granted, reading the Times won’t give them an accurate picture of the growth of the U.S. economy, the progress in the Iraq War, or the average American’s political opinions.
That's OK though, because the pondscum at the Times have their own little niche.
But it will provide them a detailed description of almost any classified military, CIA, or NSA operation designed to catch or kill them.