Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Meanwhile, John Hinderaker leads in the one liner category

Suggested by Big Lizards' An Early Contender For Best Quote of the Year:
When asked what Bush has to say to those who are concerned about their civil liberties, he responded along the lines of, "If al Qaeda is calling you, we want to know why. I think that's reasonable."
Modest John will likely argue that he was only quoting Bush; but his own words show that not to be true. He wrote that Bush said something "along the lines of" that quote. I would have to say that the brilliance of the quotation belongs to John, not to the president.
That's good, but Hinderaker has another recent contender that's my sentimental favorite:
I agree with Paul that one of the hallmarks of Bush's presidency has been his reluctance to use Presidential power for any but the most serious purposes. It's a stark contrast with Bill Clinton, the first politician to conceive of the Presidency primarily as a means to meet chicks.
Speaking of which, have you seen Bubba's appearance on The Dating Game?