Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Heidi Klum Aint No Fun!

You know how all the latest blogging software takes the title of the post and makes it part of the URL that links to the post? Well you better be careful if you use "Heidi Klum" in the title because apparently her daddy is watching and he thinks it's an abuse of ole Heidi's name which is copyrighted and trademarked:
I was perplexed that the father of the brand Heidi Klum – if he indeed was the real Mr. Klum – would be sending me such a lovely christmas note (the mail reached me 26 December 2005 04:40 am). At first I ignored the mail completely. However now it is near New Year’s Eve and Guenther Klum's ultimatum is about to expire. I’m at a loss what to do. I have no idea what Mr. Klum wants from me. I didn’t misuse the precious name of his dear daughter for selfish promotion purposes. Should I delete the post which contains the word “Heidi Klum”? Hey, this might be the Chinese or Cuban way to handle the freedom of speech. But here in good old Germany? The country which learned democracy and the freedom of press from scratch? Maybe an intelligent lawyer can help me out and can give me some hints in which way I shall behave in this case. Shall I defer to Mr. Klump or shall I pick up his gauntlet to meet him on a lonesome hill by dawn? Damn, I have no fugleman.
Neither do I, kid. Follow the link for more.

Wait a sec...darn...I think I just put Heidi's name in the title too!

Update: I hope Dad Klum doesn't figure out how to search images on Google. It'll be bad for his blood pressure.