Sunday, June 05, 2005

It's a steel cage match!

Those Euros sure know how to arrange an action packed wrasslin' spectacle! Tony Blair has deep-sixed the EU Constitution enraging Jacques and Gerhard who are still going for it. However, the dynamic duo have an ambush of their own for Tony and are trying to get the other EU countries to join in. But that's all part of the EU budget free-for-all and who knows whose side anyone is on?

Wait, there's more! From the first link above:
Mr Blair, who will seek to shift the focus of his administration on to poverty in the Third World this week during talks with President Bush, has told his closest allies: "Africa is worth fighting for. Europe, in its present form, is not."
And on this wackiness, Jacques is on Tony's side. but Gerhard isn't and the new wrestlers being dragged into the match from the other G8 countries aren't sure what the heck is going on but don't like it much. And even better, this part of the scrap has audience participation! Even some members of the audience that are really weird and scary are joining in!

Dang! Where's the popcorn and the beer?