Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Brunch

Little Oscar has left the building

Republicans Redefine 'Majority' to Fit Current Usage:
Republicans in the House and Senate today introduced bills which would redefine the word "majority" to mean "a group compelled to do the will of a smaller group."

The change in definition is designed to bring the word back in line with current usage and practice, according to an unnamed Senate source.

The new definition of majority should help Republicans "deflect criticism from staunch conservatives who believe the antiquated, intolerant concept that 'majority rule' requires the more numerous group to prevail," the source said.
More help for "the new neighbors":
Some buyers lack federal W-2 forms from their employers, but they qualify for mortgages because many of the country's biggest lenders have adopted creative credit practices.

Countrywide's Optimum Loan Program, launched in June, provides loans to qualified buyers with nontraditional credit, such as rent and utility bill receipts, and whose income is received in cash.
Sound like a risky loan? Not in Wisconsin!:
MILWAUKEE - In a pilot program described as the first of its kind, an agency created by the state government is making it easier for illegal immigrants in Wisconsin to obtain mortgage loans.
Some banks already issue mortgage loans to illegal immigrants, but WHEDA is believed to be the first and only quasi-government organization to buy such loans from the banks...
'Wine terrorists' make streets run with Rioja :
"I count myself lucky," says the driver, Francico Paque, 42, who was asleep in his cabin earlier when masked militants blew a hole in his diesel tank with a shotgun and set the leaking fuel on fire. "If I hadn't been woken by the explosion I could have burnt to death where I lay," he says.
Cheers erupt as 30,000 bottles worth of Spanish wine gush out of the hijacked tanker, pumping a blood-red river down the street of a village in the south of France.

In front of our eyes, the region's wine "terrorists" - blamed for a string of recent bomb and incendiary attacks - have struck again.
Castro and Chavez in business suits in Havana. There's no business like thug business!

Thumbs Up for '08 For the Kerry Clan. Be still, my heart!

UN peacekeepers sexually abused Liberia women, girls. No word on the local goats. And wouldn't it be easier just to list the countries where there was no abuse?

Annan talks of 'lynch mob' determined to destroy him. I guess he's getting desperate. The worst ole Kofi is going to get out of his and his cronies' rapacity and malfeasance is a luxury retirement package funded primarily by the American taxpayers.

Court clerk filmed up women’s skirts with hidden video camera:
A HIGH Court clerk from Amersham has spoken of his "deep regret" after being convicted of secretly filming up women's skirts.

Michael Hill, 59, blamed the death of his mother for taking pictures of victims with a video camera hidden inside a black holdall.
Now there's an excuse Kofi ought to try out!