Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Quick, somebody page Kofi!

Peru outraged by Chile airline ad:
A Chilean airline promotional video allegedly depicting Lima as a pigsty has sparked a row between Peru and its Latin American neighbour.

Peru's government says it is suing a unit of the Chilean airliner [sic] LAN over the material which it says misrepresents the capital Lima.
It is angry at an in-flight video about Peru which included old images of a man urinating in the street and gutters filled with litter.

Members of congress complained that the video, which was intended to promote adventure tourism, showed Peru as a pigsty.
I thought "adventure tourism" was jungles and deserts and stuff, not slums. Hmm, this may be a clever idea!
This latest spat appears to have revived old grievances.

Peru will also protest to Santiago over alleged armed [sic] sales to Ecuador in the 1990s when the two nations were at war.
Must have missed that one.
The main newspapers in Peru on Saturday expressed their outrage with headlines such as "Protest" and "Chile Must Explain Itself".

The South American neighbours have had erratic relations since Chile claimed part of Peru during a war over a century ago.
Sheesh! It sounds about right for Kofi though. He can tap the US taxpayers in order to send in some UN peacekeepers and arrange for a flock of bureaucrats to pad their expense accounts studying the problem in five star hotels for about a decade or so. Of course, the kid in the picture better hide when the peacekeepers show up.