Thursday, May 05, 2005

Must resist...

It's our reputation, monsieur!

Huge gales of laughter - Chirac: French reputation at stake in EU treaty vote:
The French president, Jacques Chirac, warned last night that France would no longer be taken seriously on the international stage if it rejected the European constitution on May 29.
He's kidding, right? But you know how it is with Jacques - it's all about the Frenchies:
In an attempt to sway voters in the debate about French sovereignty and cultural identity, Mr Chirac said the constitution was the "daughter" of the 1789 French revolution and enshrined the country's values of human rights and democracy.
And pusillanimous sticky fingered bureaucracy.
"It is essentially French-inspired," Mr Chirac said.
They ought to put that on a warning label.
"One cannot say, 'I am European and I vote no to the constitution'. It is not honest."
I guess it makes sense to ole Jacques who's the soul of honesty. But here's the really delusional stuff:
"If France were to say no to the treaty, what do you think the very next day would be the power of the French voice in the council of ministers, in the G8 meetings?

"How do you think France would be treated by the United Nations in September?"
And the problem is what, exactly? The other kids are going to kick sand in their face because the citizenry rejected a bloated international bureacracy? On second thought, that'll make the kleptocrats at the United Nations real nervous indeed.