Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fun with Barney!

And I don't mean the White House dog. Dick Johnson in the NY Post (now requiring annoying registration) gets to the bottom of the story:
OPENLY gay U.S. Rep.Barney Frank got caught blatantly fondling an up-and-coming politician's buttocks at a public event.
I guess the ole gaydar got a lock and he couldn't help himself!
According to gay weekly the Washington Blade, the frisky Frank was escorting rising gay politico Mike Evans into the VIP section at Philadelphia's Equality Forum when he boldly seized the opportunity to cop a feel from the younger man. The tush-grabbery was caught by alert photogs covering the event, and the pictures soon surfaced on the Internet. A rep for Frank, who is in a relationship with his domestic partner, Sergio Pombo, declined PAGE SIX's request for comment.
(Hat tip: Freepers)