Sunday, May 08, 2005

Everyone whines when you have a good racket

Vincente Fox cash flow

And who's got a better racket than Vincente Fox? He sends his un- and underemployed citizens to enter the USA illegally where they get free education, free medical care, and send back money to prop up his feckless and corrupt government. What's not to like? So you can see why he's a little upset that a small town police chief in New Hampshire figured a new way to cut down on the local plague of illegals. Poor baby!

The life of a racketeer must be tough one. If it isn't the law, it's someone else trying to horn in on your turf. How about: Non-Mexican immigrants pour into Valley:
May 8, 2005 — Brazilians, Central Americans and others are expected to overtake Mexican nationals as the largest group of undocumented immigrants entering the Rio Grande Valley.

Although some federal authorities said the demographic shift has already happened, figures given to The Brownsville Herald this month show the number of OTM (Other Than Mexicans) immigrants detained in Deep South Texas has exploded in the last two years but remains slightly behind the number of Mexican nationals.

Border Patrol officials said the number of OTMs detained in the Valley could overtake undocumented Mexican immigrants in the next few months or sometime in the next fiscal year.

U.S. Consul John Naland in Matamoros says the shift has already happened.

“It is very much an area of concern for the U.S. government,” Naland said.
No word on them actually doing anything about it, though. In case you weren't aware of it, the Border Patrol has a swell deal for OTM illegal aliens. Think of it as a "catch and release" program:
If there is no detention space and no criminal record or other cause for concern, Cervantes said Brazilians and other undocumented immigrants are released with a promise to return for an immigration court hearing.
There's never enough space and they're going to look up the criminal record based on the name provided by the illegal alien himself.
Court figures show that more than 88 percent do not return.
Does Drew Barrymore sh*t in the woods?

But it's not all bad news for ole Vincente. There are lots of useful idiots in the USA who don't mind the invasion for various perverse reasons of their own.