Sunday, May 08, 2005

Big Trouble on Turtle Bay!

Paul Volcker tells Kofi Annan he's headed for the hoosegow

Congress keeps papers which threaten Annan:
American congressional investigators are refusing to hand back potentially explosive evidence which may threaten Kofi Annan's position as the secretary general of the United Nations.
Ruh Oh! But hold on a sec, I thought Kofi said he was exonerated after the first report of the big investigation run by Paul Volcker?
The controversial evidence was turned over to the House International Relations Committee (IRC) last week by Robert Parton, who recently resigned as a Volcker investigator claiming that the inquiry played down evidence incriminating Mr Annan.
Ah, the high standards of the United Nations. There's more in Volcker Lawyer Asks U.N. to Block U.S. Subpoenas, but the best part (from the first link) is:
Senior members of the UN secretariat [i.e. UN kleptocrats - ed.] said last night that they feared that the public wrangling over the subpoenaed evidence left the Volcker investigation "hanging by a pretty thin thread". They were concerned that the credibility of the committee, whose report is due in August, has been so badly damaged that it might not complete its task.
You mean they might not finish the cover-up? Just, dang!
If that were the case, the UN would be left at the mercy of its congressional critics who are investigating alleged corruption and inefficiency.
Be still my heart! And a more precise description would be "tripping over evidence of corruption and inefficiency".
"The knock-on effect won't just be to allow Washington to get Kofi, but the UN as an instrument of mediation too. There will be huge resentment in the rest of the world against the US."
He's kidding, right? How could we tell?