Monday, February 14, 2005

Kofi Annan's big PR offensive staggers on

And it's a real blitzkrieg fer sure!
UN secretary general Kofi Annan has said that the global security scenario is changing fast and the global collective security system including, United Nations, must be transformed as soon as possible.

"Next month, I will be placing before the member states of the United Nations a blueprint for the most far-reaching reform of the international security system since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945," he said in his address to the 41st Munich Conference on Security Policy.

He also said that in just seven months, world leaders would be called upon to make some momentous decision, which has been in the pipeline for several years.
Hmm, a big decision at the United Nations is which 5 star restaurant to go to tonight, so what could a "momentous decision" be? What world renowned resort to choose for the next big conference?
He indicated that his report would draw heavily on the recommendations of the 16 eminent men and women who served on the High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change.
I wonder if there was also a Low Level Panel? Anyhow, if you don't mind some bureacratese, you can wend your way over to the UN web site where you can read the big report. Frankly, it made my eyes glaze over, so in short order I retreated to the brochure version. After the UN weenies finished patting themselves on the back, I learned all sorts of neat stuff about how much better the UN could be! Did you know that:
... the total supply of available peacekeepers is running dangerously low. Just to do an adequate job of keeping the peace in exisiting conflicts would require almost doubling the number of peacekeepers around the world. The developed States have particular responsibilities to do more to transform their armies into units suitable for deployment to transform their armies into units suitable for deployment to peace operations. And if we are to meet the challenges ahead, more states will have to place contingents on stand-by for UN purposes, and keep air transport and other stategic lift capacities available to assist peace operations.
I guess Kofi wants his own army. Hmm, besides blue beanies, I hope he remembers to request some condoms too.
It urges negotiations for a new arrangement which would enable the International Atomic Energy Agency to act as a guarantor for the supply of fissile material to civilian nuclear users at market rates...
That ought to be good - kind of like the Oil for Food program but with a bigger bang! Which reminds me - Senate Investigators Say Iraq Bribed Inspector in U.N. Program. Yeah, real good.

Of course, there's the usual blather about sending more bucks, but I liked some of the other "big changes":
The report recommends strengthening the Secretary-General's critical role in peace and security.
He currently has one Deputy Secretary-General; with a second, responsible for peace and security, he would have the capacity to ensure oversight of both the social, ecomonimc and developmental functions of the UN, and its many peace and security functions.
Another bureaucrat on the take - that'll help!
To be more effective, the Secretary-General should be given substantially more latitude to manage the Secretariat, and be held accountable.
You mean he isn't now? How soon can we cut these useless wastes of oxygen loose?