Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Good thing for us they aren't real bright

Mam"do'h!" Habib
It's all turning rapidly to sh*t for former Australian Gitmo resident Mamdouh Habib, freshly returned to this wide brown land under what appears to be some sort of US military "catch and release" program for suspected terrorists.

Upon touchdown in Sydney, the Egyptian-born Habib promptly followed the Al Qaeda training manual and the Green Party manifesto (not that there's much daylight between them) by alleging torture. He did this on Channel Nine's "60 Minutes"program, and the Australian Left, as is their natural Pavlovian response, declared Habib a saint, a family man torn from the bosom of his family and savagely beaten by the Bushitler reigime for the crime of being a Muslim.

But in the last 48 hours, the script has started to veer dangerously off-message, and things are starting to look rather bleaker for Mr Habib, who shortly may wonder if he'd have been better off staying in Cuba.
Ruh Oh! Lots of low comedy by following the link. Gosh, I was thinking they just should have shot the punk, but maybe releasing him is really a sneaky ploy!