Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Empress Strikes Back!

Teresa Heinz Blames the Media
Addressing Stanford University's "Whole Earth Symposium" last week, the first lady wannabe said that the press was largely responsible for the perception that her husband ignored the environment during the 2004 campaign, according to the campus newspaper, the Stanford Report.

She insisted that John Kerry discussed energy issues every day and claimed that she frequently talked about "sustainability." But their comments were not reported.

What did get covered was the fact that the Heinz Kerrys' owned a gas guzzling private jet, a yacht Teresa bought for her husband, four SUV's and five giant mansions that burn up thousands of gallons of oil each year to heat and cool.

But Mrs. Heinz didn't address questions about how her lifestyle conflicted with her environmental beliefs.
That stuff's for the little people, dahlink!