Thursday, January 06, 2005


I take a couple of days off for the demands of gainful employment and a horde of barking moonbats makes a break from the asylum. A couple of the choicest specimens (1, 2) are pictured above. Well at least John F*ing Kerry turned out to be just as big a f*ing traitor as we thought. More on the intellectual, moral, and spiritual defects of the usual suspects tomorrow, but speaking of gainful employment: Tim Blair's got a real Dibert-style gig! Hopefully, without a pointy-haired boss.
It's a full-time office job, the first I've had - or seriously considered - since 2000. Various proposals have been discussed over the past few months. One option was a Bulletin-financed blog; another involved managing The Bulletin's online feed. Yet another involved me running for Parliament, which I shunned due to the possibility of a brutal pay reduction.
Follow the above link for one of Tim's readers channeling the response of the feral girl.