Saturday, December 04, 2004

Who says Blue Staters don't know how to have fun?

Rear-ender ends man's display of rear end
We probably all deserve a spanking now and then, and state troopers say Nathan Allen McClain was getting his as he rode in a car while mooning motorists on Interstate 5 during rush-hour traffic Thursday morning.

Witnesses said the driver of the white Acura, Dwayne Crandall of Vancouver, was paddling McClain's bare posterior as McClain displayed it to other motorists.
Besides spanking McClain's rear end, Crandall also rear-ended a spanking-new 2004 Dodge car driven by another motorist who had stopped for a traffic back-up approaching the I-5 Bridge, March said.
The incident came to light about 6:15 a.m., March said, when motorists saw the spectacle as they were driving south on I-5 near Ridgefield.

"He and the driver also were making obscene gestures to other people," March said.

If the other motorists didn't stare and appear shocked, March said, Crandall would swerve the Acura toward their cars, apparently to get their attention.

"He was driving so erratically that he almost caused a collision with a semi," March said.

Witnesses, who called authorities on their cell phones, tried to box the Acura in with their cars, apparently hoping to keep it from escaping before police arrived.

Dispatchers didn't call out the SWAT team, but they did notify Trooper March.
As March was patting down McClain for possible weapons, McClain's pants fell to his mid-thigh, March said.

As if being ticketed for not wearing his pants while mooning wasn't bad enough, McClain also was ticketed for not wearing a seat belt, March said.
I think the reporter was having too much fun with this one.