Saturday, December 04, 2004

Biscuits and Gravy - Dec. 4, 2004

[NY State] Senate Balks at U.N. Project
But as they returned for a special legislative session next week, the Senate Republicans questioned how they could authorize $600 million in bonds to pay for the project, particularly since it would be backed by fees from United Nations member nations who reportedly owe more than $195 million in fines from violations of city parking laws.

"How can we trust the U.N. nations to pay the fees to pay off this debt when they don't even pay their parking fines?" said Joseph L. Bruno, the Senate's Republican majority leader.
Is this the world's least effective UN peacekeeping force?. Nope. Sounds like most UN peacekeeping forces.

Small Town Blues
When your school is that small, and that rural, you miss out on a lot. There aren't a lot of sports, and consequently, not a lot of cheerleaders. And of that very small pool, the chances of having several hot cheerleaders is pretty slim.

Especially hot, drunken cheerleaders.
Context by following the link. Us benighted folks in the sticks miss out on all the good stuff!

A federal jury has stripped Hooters waitresses...
... of any legal protection their skimpy uniforms may have afforded, allowing a rival Florida wings chain to continue to dress its waitresses in equally skimpy outfits.
Hooters tried to bar Winghouse waitresses from wearing their skimpy black shorts and T-shirts by claiming the orange-and-white-clad female staff was the company's Ronald McDonald icon.
Must. Maintain. Composure.
But during the three-week trial, defense lawyer Don Conwell got a Hooters marketing executive to admit on the stand that the busty wait staff were more of a marketing concept used to lure 25- to 49-year old-men into the eateries than any sort of trademark.
In the battle of the so- called "breastrants," Hooters also attempted to convince the jury that its success was tied to its wood-weave plates and that Winghouse was copying the plates, thus confusing patrons as to which restaurant they were in.
Yeah, it was the wood-weave plates! And don't they mean "breastaurants"?

Something to ponder
Today's female stars reveal 59% of their bodies to media flashbulbs - up from only 7% in the 1970s. So what will they be wearing on the red carpet in 2010?
If you loathe political debate, join the faculty of an American university
Academia is simultaneously both the part of America that is most obsessed with diversity, and the least diverse part of the country. On the one hand, colleges bend over backwards to hire minority professors and recruit minority students, aided by an ever-burgeoning bureaucracy of “diversity officers”. Yet, when it comes to politics, they are not just indifferent to diversity, but downright allergic to it.