Sunday, November 28, 2004

Biscuits and Gravy - Nov. 28, 2004

Ukraine Journalists Drop Bias, CBS to Study Idea
Inspired by a public pledge from Ukrainian TV journalists to provide unbiased reporting from now on, CBS News has launched an internal investigation to assess the potential impact of such a move.

"If it tests well in our focus groups, you can bet that Dan Rather will break the story," said an unnamed spokesman for CBS.
Michelle Malkin spots MORE B.S. FROM CBS NEWS
Yes, believe your eyes! It's the latest publication from the trustworthy narrators of history at CBS News--who are cravenly attempting to cash in on President Reagan's death in time for the holiday book-buying season.
So long, Dan: We are rather glad you’re going
Americans abandoned this sinking ship for good reason. Rather was more than an inept interviewer, lobbing ridiculous softball questions to the likes of Fidel Castro. He was the most blatantly partisan and politically biased anchor of them all, and that is saying a lot.
Some Democrats still suffering the post-election blues: Escaping reality is becoming a way of life after loss
The first sign that something might be different about these post-election blues was the click of hundreds and hundreds of televisions being switched off.

Well-known local environmentalist Cynthia Plockelman tuned out.

Real estate attorney Mark Garret went cold turkey, too. Upon learning Bush had won, he uttered an oath favored by Harry Truman, went to the phone and canceled his New York Times subscription.

"I have also completely stopped watching television except C-Span's Book TV on the weekends," Garret said.
There's a reason Democrats are taking the loss of the White House personally. This time, it is personal, Dashev said.

"The big difference between 2000 and now is that, if you were given the choice between having your wallet stolen or losing your wallet, you would choose to have your wallet stolen," he said.

"Clearly, if it is stolen, it has nothing to do with you. If you lose it, well then you feel like you are just a bumbling fool."
Before You Flee to Canada, Can We Talk?
The anti-Americanism I experience generally takes this form: Canadians bring up "the States" or "Americans" to make comparisons or evaluations that mix a kind of smug contempt with a wariness that alternates between the paranoid and the absurd.

Thus, Canadian media discussion of President Bush's upcoming official visit on Tuesday focuses on the snub implied by his not having visited earlier. It's reported that when he does come, he will not speak to a Parliament that's so hostile it can't be trusted to receive him politely. Coverage of a Canadian athlete caught doping devolves into complaints about how Americans always get away with cheating. The "Blame Canada" song from the "South Park" movie is taken as documentary evidence of Americans' real attitudes toward this country. The ongoing U.S. ban on importing Canadian cattle (after a case of mad cow disease was traced to Alberta) is interpreted as a form of political persecution. A six o'clock news show introduces a group of parents and children who are convinced that the reason Canadian textbooks give short shrift to America's failed attempts to invade the Canadian territories in the War of 1812 is to avoid antagonizing the Americans -- who are just waiting for an excuse to give it another try.
Hmmm, some of the western provinces would be nice.

A Chia Pet keyboard? And some items better left unmentioned.

The Nationals and the National Anthem
Among the evidence for societal decline during Washington's 33-year absence from the major league baseball scene is this: that many in the area took to rooting for the team at the other end of the Parkway, the Baltimore Orioles. In and of itself, this is perhaps no great travesty, at least until Orioles ownership passed to the horrid Peter Angelos.

Currently attempting to buy a Washington-area racetrack and install slot machines, scumbag Angelos surely finishes dead last among baseball moguls when it comes to patriotism, too. The worst sort of left-wing Squeegee Boy lawyer, he made his megabucks as a veritable pioneer of the litigious society that currently afflicts America. So complete is Angelos' radical ideology that he refuses to sign any Cuban defectors to his roster, lest he upset his friend Fidel Castro, with whom he communed during the home-and-home series he set up between the Orioles and the Cuban national team in 1999.
I may have to restart my series of "Pond Scum" posts.