Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Today's Hoot! (featuring the Empress!)

At American Digest - Teresa Heinz Kerry Signs Historic November to January Lease on Versailles II, France:
After a suitable luncheon consisting of a light salad, une morsel de fromage blanc, and six courses of white and red wine, Mrs. Kerry-Heinz took a tour of the villa which heretofore had been referred to under the code name 'Martha's Vineyard East.'

"You have to say something to all those little people without enough sense to either vote for my husband or let their children gambol about naked," Mrs. Kerry-Heinz quipped to the French press corps who had all donned giant poodle and corgi costumes in her honor.
Much more by following the link and while you're there, check out "The Note" -- for Dummies about our ole pal at ABC, Mark Halperin:
Under no circumstances should this unfortunate lad be fed to the Drudge-besotted hordes of the blogsphere for mere run-of-the-mill media bias.

No, he should be dismembered in the public square for being unable to write a coherent sentence.
Rather what I was thinking, too.