Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Someone let her out again!

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Heinz Kerry faults Bush on climate pact:
“The planet can’t take it, and we try to make sense of it,” said Heinz Kerry, a longtime environmental advocate and wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.
Say what?
“There was a time when Republicans and Democrats were across the aisle on many issues,” said Heinz Kerry, whose first husband was the late Republican U.S. Sen. John Heinz of Pennsylvania.
Someone took the aisle?
Heinz Kerry called President Bush’s decision not to sign on to the Kyoto Protocol, an international compact for reducing atmospheric pollution - “a huge diplomatic blunder.”
She must be unfamiliar with Senate Resolution 98 from the 105th Congress:
Declares that the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol to, or other agreement regarding, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992, at negotiations in Kyoto in December 1997 or thereafter which would: (1) mandate new commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the Annex 1 Parties, unless the protocol or other agreement also mandates new specific scheduled commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for Developing Country Parties within the same compliance period; or (2) result in serious harm to the U.S. economy.
It passed the Senate 95-0 and her hubby voted for it.

But I digress - back to the Empress:
“I think this president should have joined this effort” even if it is imperfect, said Heinz Kerry. “Without that we have no leverage and no right.”
“Scientists are very conservative” when making their conclusions, Heinz Kerry said. Ignoring their work is “an insult to their nobility of purpose.”
“What John wants to do is create healthy communities,” she said. “You guarantee children access to clean safe parks and fields and, of course, healthy communities also mean jobs and time and the freedom to enjoy them.”
What! No cute fluffy bunnies?

Paging the Lurch campaign - get the guys in the white coats rolling!