Saturday, October 09, 2004

Not this nitwit again!

Remember the artiste with spelling problem? Well, the SF Chronicle informs us that Miffed artist doesn't want to correct misspellings - Muralist offended by 'nasty' criticism of Livermore piece:
The artist who created the now-infamous Livermore library mosaic that contains 11 misspellings says she no longer wants to fix it because of the "nasty messages from people who don't understand art."

Maria Alquilar, who complained that her name, too, was often misspelled, said she had been overwhelmed by dozens of phone calls and more than 1,000 e- mails since her errors -- from "Eistein" to "Shakespere" to "Michaelangelo" -- were widely publicized.

Fed up, Alquilar said Friday that she was reconsidering her decision to correct her work because the people of Livermore had been so mean.
The artist said the names were spelled correctly on her sketches, but she got them wrong as she was doing the piece. She admits noticing "Einstein" was misspelled but choosing to go forward anyway.

"I just wasn't that concerned," she said. "None of us are particularly good spellers anymore because of computers. When you are in a studio full of clay, you don't give it much thought.
At least she doesn't, I guess. Good thing she didn't get a big job like the Lincolln Memoriel.

Lots more hijinks by following the link, but here's a gem:
"When you look at Michelangelo's David, do you point out that one (testicle) is lower than the other?"
Somehow, I don't think Maria has much experience with the articles in question.