Sunday, September 12, 2004

Trolling for Wingnuts

Ace has his siren up on Source for the Forged Documents Unmasked? and all signs are pointing to well known wingnut, Bill Burkett, who previously claimed to have found all sorts of stuff in a dumpster and has been shopping his stories around for years. Hit the link for the details, but here's the part I like from a Newsweek article:
Burkett was impressive enough to cause CBS producer Mary Mapes to fly to Texas to interview him.
Mary Mapes. Where have I heard that name before? Cut to Allah:
And speaking of which, Michele just e-mailed me some information she heard on Sean Hannity's radio show today. Here's how scrupulous Rather is:
[Hannity] had on both [Ben] Barnes' daughter -who admitted she was being pressured to recant everything she said yesterday - and Killian's son, who said - get this - that CBS interviewed both him and his stepmother prior to the airing of the 60 minutes show. They BOTH told the interviewer (somebody named Mapes, a female) that they didn't believe the documents could be real. They both refuted that their father had anything to do with this. They gave a myriad of reasons why they don't believe any of it.

CBS never put any of their words on the show. Not only that, but the son offered up names of people who flew with Bush and could offer rebuttals to any stories about him shirking his duties and not only did Mapes not call them, she actually said about one of them, "Well, he's pro-Bush, so I'm not calling him." The son and stepmother are LIVID about this and the daughter of Barnes is under so much stress you could hear her voice shaking. Someone is putting an enermous amount of pressure on her to go against her former word (that her father is a liar) and she refuses to back off. Also, Barnes attended many of the same functions as Rather back in the day and there is a possibility they knew each other before the interview.
(My emphasis.) No wonder ole wingnut Bill sounded so "impressive" to Mary. Sounds like that CBS impartiality we know so well - dig deep under rocks for disreputable wingnuts that fit the bias and filter out any hints of rationality that threaten the theme. But there's good news for Captain Dan: You have a fall girl!

Of course, it's not like this is an unfamiliar occurrence at 60 Minutes. How about this beauty from the nutsos at the "Veterans for Peace" website (hat tip FR):
Date: Mon Jun 14, 2004 1:25 pm
Subject: CBS News/60 Minutes Seeking to talk with Military Families

From: "Chante Wolf" Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004
12:50 PM Subject: Fw: CBS News/60 Minutes Seeking to talk withMilitary Families, Soldiers\ about recruiting, re-enlisting

Dear Military Families,

We received the email below from Michael Bronner, a producer for 60 Minutes, and spoke with him as well. He is looking to speak with families who have concerns about recruiting practices (for new recruits) AND re-enlistment schemes/pressures in the military. If you would like to email or speak with him, his contact information is below.

Thank you!

In Peace and Solidarity, Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson, for MFSO

----- Original Message ----- From: Bronner, Michael

Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 10:28 AM Subject: CBS News/60 Minutes

I am a producer at 60 Minutes and am working on a story about military recruiting. I have heard anecdotally about several concerns regarding recruiting methods employed by all of the armed forces, and am wondering whether there is anyone at MFSO working specifically on these issues, or any families with relevant experiences they might be willing to share.

Please reach me by phone though the contacts listed below.

Thanks very much.

-Michael Bronner, CBS News Michael Bronner
CBS News/60 Minutes II
555 W. 57th St., 8th Flr. New York, NY 10019 tel. 212.975.7938 fax
212.975.9310 mobile: 646.331.3694
Based on the linked web sites, I'd say the folks at 60 Minutes probably enjoyed the fishing.

Update: Captain Ed caught a different 60 Minutes producer fishing in the pond scum.