Tuesday, September 07, 2004

More Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Fun!

Concerning Lurch and his assault weapon, Drudge jumped on it around noon, but muddied the waters a little when he included photos from earlier Lurch photo-ops. He's right on now, however, and also links the press release from the trade association of firearms manufacturers, The National Shooting Sports Foundation:
At a Labor Day campaign rally yesterday, Sen. John Kerry accepted an ironic gift from a labor union representative. The gift, a Remington model 11-87 shotgun commonly used in hunting and recreational shooting enjoyed by millions of Americans, would be banned as an "assault weapon" under a bill that Kerry is co-sponsoring.

"The semi-automatic shotgun that Kerry accepted is one that he'd like to ban under his bill known as 'The Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2003 (S. 1431).' Kerry tells union workers that he's a hunter, but the truth is he would ban their shotguns," said Lawrence G. Keane, senior vice president and general counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

Keane said several sportsmen's groups have pointed out that Kerry's effort to cast himself as an avid hunter do not square with his anti-gun votes as a U.S. senator.
Kerry was given the shotgun by Cecil Roberts of the United Mine Workers of America. The union represents workers at a Remington factory in Ilion, New York. Last year the union urged Kerry to support a bill to end frivolous lawsuits against firearms makers (S. 659). The suits threaten manufacturing jobs. However, Kerry voted against the bill.
Drudge also links a response from "John Kerry West Virginia Communications Director" Amy Goodwin:
Let's do some straight shooting on the gun issue. John Kerry's opponents are worried because he's the first Democratic candidate to support Second Amendment gun rights and to be an avid hunter.
Lots of Kool-Aid over at Amy's place! Here on planet Earth:
His voting record makes John F. Kerry the most anti-gun Presidential nominee in United States history.
Kerry has a much more anti-gun record than 2000 Democrat Presidential candidate, Al Gore, Jr., who cast votes on 12 key issues before becoming part of the most anti-gun administration in history. Gore voted to protect Second Amendment rights five times on votes related to passage of the Firearms Owners` Protection Act and once to stop a semi-auto ban. Kerry opposed gun owners in each instance.
I can't believe I'm saying something nice about Al!

As for the avid hunter part, aside from Lurch's story about crawling on his belly with his trusty shotgun (non-semi-automatic presumably) hunting deer, we only have a photo-op of him bagging a ... er, I'll let a commenter at Sine Qua Non tell it:
"I say, Jeeves, what a lively one that last peasant was! Have you ever seen the like of his scampering?"
I guess we know what ole Cecil Roberts meant when he told the crowd "he’s not going to take your guns ’cause he loves to hunt!” As suggested at Stop the Bleating!:
John Kerry, I dare you to produce a hunting license with your name on it, dated 2003 or earlier, from any state. I'll even settle for a photo of you standing over a deer carcass with a gun in your hand, smiling. But forgive me if I don't hold my breath.
He probably keeps 'em in his briefcase with his magic hat! But I'd rather have the photo, because we all know how handy Lurch is with his typewriter at applying for stuff.