Sunday, September 12, 2004

Kitty's got a big surprise for us!

Don't forget, kids! Tomorrow's the kickoff of Kitty Kelley's 3 day slimefest on The Today Show. NBC must be feeling left out that CBS is getting all the heat. Meanwhile Kitty's publisher, Doubleday, is all cranky:
The publisher of Kitty Kelley's controversial new biography of the Bush family has accused Newsweek of allegedly violating a prepublication agreement and said the magazine owed "substantial damages."
A letter sent this week to Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker cited a signed confidentiality agreement reached in August in which the magazine promised not to disclose details of the book before publication. Newsweek was to receive an early copy.

According to the letter, Newsweek violated the terms when correspondent Howard Fineman appeared on Don Imus' radio show Tuesday and "disparaged" the book, saying the magazine would not publish excerpts because of questions about Kelley's reporting. The letter also noted a Washington Post report that Newsweek had decided not to run an advance story on "The Family," citing similar concerns. The magazine had allegedly promised such an article.

"In reliance upon such representations, Doubleday turned down an offer from Newsweek's major competitor (Time) to publish a news story," reads the letter from Katherine Trager, general counsel for Random House, Inc., of which Doubleday is a division.
Well, that's easily solved. A one sentence article:
Kitty Kelley misses the litter box and soils herself.
Time to fire up your IBM Selectric Composers for some letters to NBC and Random House.

(Hat tip for the fetching snap: FR poster Henry Krinkle)