Thursday, September 16, 2004

Is this really the best they can do?

First, CBS kept everyone waiting yesterday for some big press release about their "document investigation" and finally delivered a lame paragraph that they hadn't spell checked. (Maybe they need some Microsoft Word classes?)

Then later in the evening, Captain Dan trots out the "Old Lady Defense" - an 86 year old former pool typist in the Texas Guard of the strictly Democrat persuasion who says that while the documents are certainly fake, they're uncannily accurate. That's a swell endorsement, but not to worry because ole Dan is going to keep on "investigating". Of course, he still hasn't run the interviews Mary Mapes already did with Killian's family that reveal that the forgeries aren't accurate at all. Allah has all the links, if you want to watch the hole get deeper.

I guess CBS might well be the "platinum network" - there certainly is some really dense material between their ears.