Friday, September 24, 2004

Is this another one of those rural photo-ops?

Looking good!

The Freepers are having fun with an item in the NY Post's Page Six column:
Mad About Cows

AND now for something udder-ly different: John Kerry (above) likes to lubricate his chapped lips with Bag Balm, the Vermont ointment farmers have used on cows for more than 100 years to treat dry and cracked udders and teats. During a recent campaign stop in Greensboro, N.C., Kerry's handlers realized they didn't have a makeup artist to prepare the presidential contender for a televised speech. A Lancome counter girl at a local department store was called in to touch Kerry up. We're told he asked if she had a tin of Bag Balm, but she urged him to pick from a basket of creams and lotions meant for human use.
Maybe that's the reason he's always sticking his tongue out!