Wednesday, September 08, 2004

How about some humor?

An interview with Lurch should do the trick - Kerry's Confusing MTV Interview:
Kerry hasn't taken any questions from the press for about a month now. So when we came across this interview last night on MTV we were somewhat excited to hear Kerry speak outside his increasingly boring stump format.

(W is for wrong?? Was Sue Grafton hired by the Kerry campaign when we weren't looking?)

The video clip from MTV's Choose or Lose series runs a minute long, and appears to have been filmed in mid-August:

(video player - hit the link to watch the befuddled one)

Ok, let's try to make some sense of this:

* Kerry will convince traditional allies (read: France and Germany) to send troops into Iraq, thereby allowing us to exit, by signing the Kyoto treaty.

* The president hasn't done enough to stop the increasing clash between Islamic moderates and Islamic extremists.
H is for "Huh?"

Apparently this is what Kerry means when he says he would have taken us to war in a different way. First comes the ultimatum, then the inspectors, then the Kyoto treaty, then the tanks (presumably solar-powered) start rolling.
More plus the video by following the link. Maybe the Lurchster is so incredibly nuanced he can't find his butt with a roadmap or maybe the drinking stories are true.