Thursday, September 09, 2004

C'mon Lurch, don't be shy!

John Kerry Friend Tries to Shut-Down Website Offering Free Access to "The New Soldier"
Mr. Davis' first website at was temporarily shut-down by Yahoo following a complaint filed by an attorney representing George Butler. Mr. Butler is a co-editor of the book and has been a close personal friend of John Kerry since 1964. Mr. Davis has filed a sworn counter-notification with Yahoo, demanding that the website be reactivated. George Butler is directing a film titled 'Going Up River' ( purported to be a documentary about John Kerry's Vietnam service and his anti-war activities.

Mr. Davis stated, "I would hope that George Butler and John Kerry don't want the text and photos in 'The New Soldier' to be made available
because they are ashamed of what they did. But I suspect the motivation is embarrassment to John Kerry's campaign instead."
The best part about the film is that the writing credit listed is "Douglas Brinkley (novel)". That's what we all thought.

Anyhow, as of this writing, is shut down, but the new is ready and waiting. (Also see